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Elevating Efficiency With AvSight’s Analytical Tools

Is Your Company Striving for Efficiency?

In the high-stakes world of aviation aftermarket sales, the difference between securing a deal and missing out often hinges on mere moments. Being the first to reach out to a prospect or having the right information at your fingertips can be the deciding factors. Speed and timely decision-making are not just luxuries; they are essentials. We at AvSight recognized this and built our analytical tools in a way that not only enhances your analytical capabilities but also cuts down the time spent on tasks. In an industry where every second counts, AvSight delivers not just efficiency but a competitive edge. In this article, we’ll examine several of our powerful in platform analytics tools – Workspace and Part 360, Account 360, and Quote 360.

The AvSight Workspace

Is simple
Saves time
Has many powerful connected tools

The AvSight Workspace

  • Is simple

AvSight recognizes the importance of having an intuitive user interface that addresses the needs of their customers. That’s why the AvSight workspace was  designed to make even the most intricate analytical tasks straightforward. But it’s not just about simplicity; there’s more.

  • Saves time

Tasks like Asset Purchase and Lot Purchase analysis, which traditionally would have consumed hours, are now streamlined into minutes. This feature ensures that even as tasks become complex, their execution remains swift. 

  • Has many powerful connected tools 

Workspace connects seamlessly with AvSight modules such as Part 360 and Account 360. Every feature and  every data point  works together to provide a comprehensive picture of your business, eliminating the need to jump between tools and ensuring that decision-making is both rapid and informed. 

The AvSight Workspace

Gaining Valuable Part Insights with Part 360

Whether you’re in sales, operations, or sourcing, finding the parts history you need to make informed decisions is a challenge. Part 360 is the solution. This customizable in-app analytics module allows businesses to delve deep into parts history using tailored metrics. Setting up custom analytics is simple and requires no specialized skills – allowing your team to access decisive data on the fly. Want insights like the average quote price over the past year or the number of parts sold in specific conditions? Part 360 delivers the answer effortlessly.

Beyond isolated analytics, Part 360’s metrics seamlessly weave into other processes of AvSight. They can be configured to display on numerous screens where data critical tasks are accomplished, such as quoting, purchasing, and work order. This ensures that not only are your analytics robust, but they also enhance the entire team’s workflow. Imagine the value of a sales representative seeing  intricate part data at-a-glance while curating quotes. The harmony between data-driven insights and practical applications is what sets Part 360 apart. 

Finding the Best Prospects With Account 360

Does finding out details about a particular customer or account involve accessing numerous screens, records, and communication channels? Account 360 changes that by providing a 360 degree view of all related data. Details such as sales and quote history, communications, financial data and more can be viewed from a single screen. Allowing you to make informed decisions and nimbly respond to customer inquiries. 

While a wealth of information is available, AvSight’s highly configurable screens and permission sets allow the view to be personalized for each user or department. This ensures that users see an uncluttered view of the data that is valuable for them and sensitive data is kept secure. 

Prioritizing your Best Prospects with Quote 360

Have you ever found yourself staring at a  list of RFQs wondering who to reach out to first? How will you efficiently prioritize these inquiries? You’re not alone, most aviation aftermarket companies report having more RFQs than their sales teams can handle. AvSight has the answer – Quote 360 is a  powerful analytical tool that allows you to work your best prospects first. 

Quote scoring system

  • Using the intuitive AvSight Quote Score system, each quote is assigned a value based on multiple criteria. For instance, “In stock” part numbers might be assigned 5 points, while airline customers could add an additional 10 points. Customers with impressive Quote to Sales (QTS) ratios might boost the score even higher.
  • Quote score factors are fully customizable. Rather than being locked into a generic set of criteria, you can set up quote scoring based on the data that matters to your team.
  • Quote scoring is powered by a visual flow tool , that’s designed to use clicks, not code. With this scoring system in place, sales teams can effortlessly and accurately pinpoint high-potential prospects and ensure that their efforts are directed towards the most promising opportunities first. The quoting interface can be configured to display Part 360 and Account 360 metrics, allowing your team to take these factors into account while creating quotes.

Don’t let outdated systems hold you back. Experience Streamlined, efficient processes with AvSight. Leveraging AvSight’s suite of powerful analytics tools, including Part 360, Workspace, Account 360 and Quote 360, provides the centralized task management and detailed insights that your team needs to streamline operations and make decisions that are both swift and strategic.

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