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Enhancing Efficiency: How Teardown Manifests Can Simplify Your Workflows

Picture a scenario where your company is handling a teardown or a LOT purchase. You have a huge list of parts where you need to record and cross reference each and every part during the receiving process. Additionally, you need to take note of attributes like trace, tag information, storage location/warehouse, as well as, various attachments and notes. Repeating the same task and cross-checking all the data is a painstaking process. Sometimes a simple task such as finding out if your parts were received by a warehouse could involve going back and forth with your customers, teammates, and consignors which can be another painful and time-wasting task to endure. You’re probably asking yourself “Is there a better way to do this?” Well, there is! In this article, we will take you through how AvSight makes the receiving process a breeze with Teardown Manifests.

AvSight’s Innovative Approach

When a company is handling a LOT purchase, teardown, or consignment there are a lot of details to record. Once that process is complete, then again they have to undergo the receiving process and record each and every part that was received. This repetitive process can affect the employees’ morale, their productivity, and overall efficiency. AvSight recognized this inefficiency and decided to come up with a better process. With AvSight, manual entry is a thing of the past. All this data is stored in Manifest Lines, allowing you to simply import it, cross reference it, and do much more, all during the receiving process. You can also use the same data for quoting or when managing purchase orders or repair orders. This unique approach eliminates the need for repetitive data entry, simplifying workflows.

What Specific Features Make Manifest Lines Even Better?

Directly upload lines: You can directly upload the lists/lines you received either during teardowns, LOT purchases, or consignments to the Manifest Lines. You can even include attachments in these uploads. 

Minimize data entry: Unlike most platforms, convenience is at the heart of AvSight. It allows you to use the same lists during the receiving process and when creating repair orders. There are various shortcuts you can use to make your workflow even faster.

Generate detailed reports: Although AvSight is highly convenient it doesn’t mean that we have cut down on intricate details. You are able to visualize different data such as the quantity accepted, quantity remaining, quantity rejected, and even the quantity that has been scrapped. This data can then be used to create insightful reports of your activity.  

Mobile receiving: Not fast enough? With Mobile Receiving you are able to receive the parts even quicker! This functionality allows for immediate, efficient, and easy processing of parts directly at the point of receipt. By enabling staff to record incoming parts on mobile devices, the process becomes faster and more efficient, significantly reducing the time from receiving to inventory availability. 

How Can Teardown Manifests Benefit You?

By leveraging manifests you can see clear benefits in your company’s workflows.

Efficient Management of LOT Purchases:

AvSight’s Manifest Lines feature simplifies the tracking of large part inventories during LOT purchases. It allows for the bulk upload of part lines and easy marking of parts as they are received, offering a clear visual representation of the inventory. This functionality enables quick analysis to determine which and how many parts have been received at any time, significantly reducing the need for extensive communication and data entry, and ensuring that enough materials are received to complete the project.

Streamlining Teardowns and Consignment Agreements:

When sending assets for teardown or managing consignment agreements, AvSight minimizes data entry and maximizes efficiency. The platform allows for effective tracking of received parts in teardown projects and provides seamless integration with consignment purchase orders. Users can easily monitor the status of received items, ensuring that enough parts have been received to declare the project or agreement complete, enhancing the overall management of consigned inventories.

AvSight’s teardown functionality is not just a tool but a transformative solution. Its ability to enhance efficiency, save time, and ensure accuracy is evident in various real-world applications, making it a valuable asset for any aviation business looking to streamline its operations and maximize profitability. If you are an existing AvSight user, learn more about teardown manifests in our knowledge base article.

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