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AvSight for Sales

It’s simple – work more efficiently, close more deals

At AvSight we know that organizing customer data, eliminating redundant tasks, and making sure your quotes count, translates into more revenue.

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Quote Your Best Customers First

Sorting through hundreds or thousands of RFQs makes it easy to miss your best prospects. Quote 360 allows you to see all of your RFQs in one place, and automatically scores your best prospects on the criteria that’s most important to your team.

Interactive Demo - Quoting to Fulfillment Explore Quote 360

Mobile First Design

Never miss an opportunity – retrieve customer data, prepare quotes, and view dashboards on the go. AvSight’s mobile first design keeps you in the loop when you’re on the road.

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Smart Workflows

Spend more time on your highest ROI activities. AvSight’s customizable dashboards, automated reporting, and open task reminders keep you informed and on schedule, so you can focus on sales – not admin tasks.

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Account Insights

Never dig for for files again. With Account 360 you can access complete customer details from a single screen. AvSight’s integrated part research module, Part 360, allows you to access complete part and sales data while preparing quotes and talking to customers. No reporting required.

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Detailed Part Information

With our unique Part Research tool, you can access a wealth of part information in a single location. Easily see the quantity on hand, on order or on repair by condition code. View the history associated with a part master–past and present quotes, orders, purchases and sales. View pricing information including vendor or customer contract pricing. Research part information from online sources such as ILS, Parts Base and others. Part 360 amplifies your Part Research data by allowing you to create powerful custom metrics that display right in the Part Research screen. Need to know the average number of units sold in the last 12 months? Part 360 can do that. Need to see the average price paid vs. sales price? Part 360 does that too.

More About Part 360

Exchanges & Managed Repairs

AvSight provides powerful out of the box tools for managing Exchanges and Managed Repairs. Our simple to use reporting and notification systems make it easy for users to keep on top of the deadlines, statuses, and costs of these complex transactions

Support for Managed Repairs


It’s easy to spend a large part of your day working on necessary but repetitive low ROI tasks. AvSight enables to automate these tasks so that you can focus on the more profitable parts of your business. With our user friendly interface, anyone can configure new automations – no IT department necessary. Followup on quotes, route RFQs, and automatically price and send quotes without lifting a finger.

How AvSight Makes Automation Simple

RMAs & Warranties

AvSight provides visibility into and management of complex scenarios, such as RMAs and warranties. Our platform makes it easy view key data such as statuses and accurately track all associated costs.

Warranty and RMA Features


No more searching for data, smart reports keep you informed without compiling endless data. Fully customizable reports can be created once and renewed with a single click, keeping shipping, receiving, and inventory management at your fingertips.

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