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AvSight Foundations

From the simple to the complex, AvSight gets it right

The AvSight platform includes a plethora of advanced features for complex transactions and specialized markets. But we understand that getting the basics right is just as important. That’s why we’ve invested just as much as time into creating strong foundational features that offer a superior user experience.

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Cloud Security


Data is a vital part of any business. AvSight includes a number of robust security features to keep client data safe internally and externally. In addition, our platform is built on’s industry-leading cloud infrastructure, allowing companies to leverage the existing certifications provided by Salesforce to meet or exceed some of the most stringent security requirements.

Digital Security Features What is Cloud Security, Anyway?

Fully Digital

Our completely cloud based system stores all your documents, reports, and customer and vendor data. That means you can work from anywhere and say “goodbye” to paperwork.

Mobile First Design

We design our features with mobility in mind. That means that you can access AvSight on the go and work within a mobile optimized interface – not a desktop screen crammed onto your phone.

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Intuitive Processes

With AvSight, you don’t need separate software for sales, operations, finance, and maintenance. AvSight is designed to handle your entire business process from RFQ to shipping. You can enter customer info once and access it throughout the platform.

Account 360

Imagine being able to answer all of your customer and vendor questions from one screen. With Account 360 you can. Account 360 makes key customer and vendor data readily available, right inside your work space. Whether you’re preparing a quote, working on a PO, or just about anything else, your key data is available at a glance.

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Part 360

Part 360 is a fully configurable analytics module that makes it simple to get the get the data that your team relies on. These metrics can easily be integrated with other features of AvSight to enhance your entire team’s workflow. For instance, sales teams will enjoy being able to access this data within Parts Research while working on quotes. It also includes a robust workspace module that enables you to mass upload part numbers, and run them against several metrics at one time. This feature makes even complex tasks, like Asset Purchase and Lot Purchase analysis, a breeze.

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Quote 360

Prioritizing your high ROI opportunities is a great way to boost your bottom line. But it’s no easy task when you’re dealing with hundreds or even thousands of RFQs. Quote 360 allows you to see all of your RFQs in one place, and automatically scores your best prospects on the criteria that’s most important to your team.

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Mobile Approvals

Never search for another email, sticky note, or message requesting approval. AvSight features automatic routing that makes sure approval requests are sent to the correct person, and keeps an audit trail of all actions. With our mobile interface you can approve quotes, account requests, lines of credit, and just about anything else that you can think of from anywhere with just one click.

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It’s easy to spend a large part of your day working on necessary but repetitive low ROI tasks. AvSight enables to automate these tasks so that you can focus on the more profitable parts of your business. With our user friendly interface, anyone can configure new automations – no IT department necessary.

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