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Experience True Cloud Functionality with AvSight

Is Your Software Holding You Back?

Is your company still using an unreliable legacy client-server application for your ERP system? Or maybe you’ve migrated to a cloud based version – but underneath it’s still the same outmoded system with just a few minor changes. If so, your system is holding you back. It is impossible to develop a scalable and agile business that can compete in today’s changing landscape, within the confines of a rigid and archaic system. Your business deserves better!

Upgrade to AvSight and Experience What’s Possible

What Sets AvSight Apart?

Designed for the cloud
Built for aviation and constantly evolving
Extendable and flexible
Unbeatable data privacy and security
User friendly and efficient

AvSight is a truly web-based, mobile compatible,  flexible, and scalable ERP platform designed for the aviation aftermarket – making it the obvious choice for future focused companies.

Want to see AvSight in action? Watch our customizable demo.

Need more reasons to make the switch? Read on to learn what makes our platform so great.

AvSight was Designed for the Cloud

AvSight isn’t just a stodgy legacy system that’s been converted to cloud hosting. AvSight is cloud native, built on Salesforce’s robust and reliable architecture. 90% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Salesforce to run their businesses, thanks to its power, efficiency, and security.

AvSight was Built for Aviation and is Constantly Evolving

Salesforce forms the capable backbone of AvSight, but our platform is so much more. It includes thousands of features that were developed specifically for aviation suppliers and MROs. And we’re not done – we release 3 – 4 new versions per year that include hundreds of updates and improvements. Additionally, our users benefit from the regular updates made by Salesforce.

Recent updates include the AvSight Trusted Partner Network (TPN), which allows AvSight users to transact directly with one another, and the introduction of innovative AI initiatives.

AvSight is Extendable and Flexible

Every business has its “secret sauce” –  the little things you do that set your company apart and give you a competitive edge. AvSight understands that and so built a system that can support your innovation and ingenuity. In addition to industry specific integrations with tools like PartsBase, ILS, and Aeroxchange, AvSight users can extend their platform with the thousands of Salesforce native apps available on the Salesforce App Exchange.

Our system also supports advanced customizations and automations. Our customers have made AvSight their own with everything from custom buttons and dashboards to auto-quoting and full service e-commerce stores. If you can imagine it, AvSight can do it.

AvSight Offers Unbeatable Data Privacy and Security

Your AvSight environment is secure and can only be accessed by your team. AvSight also enjoys the same data security as Salesforce. The same security trusted by companies such as Delta Airlines, American Express, and the US Government.

AvSight is User Friendly and Efficient

Our intuitive system streamlines workflows and boosts productivity. In fact, customers switching to AvSight have reported efficiency gains of up to 96%. It also offers real time reports and dashboards that are a snap to create – no coding skills required, just drag and drop – empowering your team to make informed decisions. Built in automation tools allow your team to eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on higher ROI activities.

There are dozens more reasons to switch to AvSight, but don’t take our word for it! View our customizable platform demo or request a live demo of AvSight to see how you can leave the past behind and take your business to the next level.

Experience AvSight for Yourself

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