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Kitting Made Easy

If you think that the words “kitting” and “easy” don’t go together, you’re not alone. Between the time required and countless opportunities for errors, kitting has always been among the most complex transactions that aviation suppliers deal with – until now. AvSight’s recent updates to our best-in-industry platform include functionality designed to simplify the kitting process. Imagine being able to efficiently assemble a hard kit without a single sheet of paper or a single spreadsheet. Now you can. Below are some of the features that make this new module so powerful.


AvSight’s new kitting module allows you to easily assemble hard kits from the parts in inventory or on order. Each kit becomes a template, enabling you to create as many units as needed without unnecessary repetition.

AvSight’s kit building interface is simple to launch.

Full Revision Control

Kits are also versionable, meaning that if changes are needed to a parts list, you don’t have to start over, you can simply save a new version of the existing kit. Previous versions are also saved, in case you need to revert. The current version can be designated as “active” to prevent mix ups.

Comprehensive Cost Accounting

In addition to parts, AvSight’s kitting module allows you to consume labor and external services, providing you with complete cost accounting.

Detailed Materials Management

Access to detailed information on the parts comprising a kit simplifies picking and work orders.

Quantity Can Build details provide at-a-glance information on how many complete kits can be assembled based on current or on order inventory.

Detailed information on the component parts included in a kit simplify traceability.

All of these aspects can be completed directly within the AvSight platform. Processes are completely traceable with no need to file papers or mess with spreadsheets – saving time, reducing the possibility of errors, and lessening your company’s environmental impact.

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