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Simplify Analytics with Parts 360

The AvSight that you know and love is getting even better! The Sequoia 5 update, coming out on August 20th, will include a number of new features, as well as, enhancements for some of our most popular features. Today, we’re excited to share a highly anticipated new feature – Parts 360. 

Parts 360 is a fully customizable in-app analytics module. It makes it simple to do a deep dive into parts history with customized metrics. Want to know things like “Avg Quote Price – 12 months” or “Num sold in FN condition”? Parts 360 makes it easy to configure the metrics that your team depends on. 

These metrics can easily be integrated with other features of AvSight to enhance your entire team’s workflow. For instance, sales teams will enjoy being able to access this data within Parts Research while working on quotes.

Parts 360 also includes a robust workspace module that enables you to mass upload part numbers, and run them against several metrics at one time. This feature makes even complex tasks, like Asset Purchase and Lot Purchase analysis, simple.

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