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Tag: Salesforce Based

Streamline Receiving with Teardown Manifest Tracking

When you’re dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of parts, how do you make sure that nothing is disappearing into the ether? AvSight’s latest update has the answer - Teardown Manifest Tracking.  Accurate tracking is as simple as uploading a manifest from your teardown vendor. You can then use the

Simplify Analytics with Parts 360

The AvSight that you know and love is getting even better! The Sequoia 5 update, coming out on August 20th, will include a number of new features, as well as, enhancements for some of our most popular features. Today, we’re excited to share a highly anticipated new feature - Parts

Instant Approvals at Your Finger Tips

Picture this - your dream client just submitted an RFQ for a massive order.  You’re certain that you can seal the deal if you can get approval to offer a slightly lower price. There’s just a little problem - the price you need to hit is just low enough that

Intuitive Mobile Access for Sales

As companies continue to expand globally and embrace non-traditional schedules, often outside of the traditional office, portability has become key to business success. This is especially true in the world of sales. Being able to work efficiently on the road can be crucial to closing deals. AvSight understands this challenge

AvSight Support Policy

Once your AvSight system is up and running according to the settings and features covered under your contract, you will be transitioned from the implementation phase into normal support. To ensure a smooth transition, we wanted to cover the most common questions about AvSight support. The following questions will be

Customize AvSight for Your Business

Have you taken the opportunity to customize the features available in AvSight in order to adapt the platform for your current business needs? Many of our customers have taken advantage of the platform and have dedicated internal Salesforce Administrators that know how to best leverage these tools. If you don’t