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Instant Approvals at Your Finger Tips

Picture this – your dream client just submitted an RFQ for a massive order.  You’re certain that you can seal the deal if you can get approval to offer a slightly lower price. There’s just a little problem – the price you need to hit is just low enough that higher level approval is required. Plus, since it’s a new client, you have to make sure that accounting has approved their line of credit. Depending on the platform your business uses, the rest of your day could look very different.

The Normal Way

If you’re using a typical sales management platform, your next step likely includes submitting approval forms to each department. From there, your options will almost certainly involve wasting a lot of time on low ROI tasks. Plan on the rest of your day (or week) being devoted to hoping your requests don’t get overlooked in the shuffle, making frequent calls and emails to check on their status, and bribing your co-workers to prioritize your requests by regularly bringing them coffee and baked goods.  A combination of the three is usually effective, but if you take too long getting back to your client, they may move on to another vendor. Plus, getting AvSight is much easier than suffering through that rigmarole every time you get a new client.


The AvSight Way

If you’re using AvSight, you can simply submit your quote and AvSight’s electronic approval system will instantly route requests for approval to the appropriate parties by means of a convenient push notification. That means that your head of sales and your finance manager can view and approve your request with one easy click from anywhere. No paperwork to fill out, no remembering an entire department’s coffee orders, and you can get a response within minutes. Plus, the approval history is automatically tracked, further reducing your time spent on documentation.

In a competitive bidding environment, time is critical. Being able to respond to RFQs in minutes rather than days can be the difference between a record breaking sales quarter and one full of disappointing “almosts”.

Beyond Sales

Electronic approvals aren’t just for sales. They can step up your efficiency company-wide, allowing your team to reduce the amount of time  spent on paperwork and documentation and focus on the more profitable areas of their jobs.

From purchase orders to repair orders, any document your company uses can be set up for electronic approvals.

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