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AvSight Strengthens Implementation Team with New Director and Expanded Staff

  • Ashley Stifler has joined AvSight as Director of Implementation
  • A new department dedicated to customer success will be headed up by Frank Scales

Boone, NC – Cloud-based aviation aftermarket ERP software provider, AvSight, is proud to announce the addition of Ashley Stifler as the new Director of Implementation. With her extensive experience in project management, strategy, and operations, Stifler brings a wealth of expertise to AvSight, enhancing the implementation process and providing a streamlined experience for new users. In addition to Stifler, AvSight has also welcomed three new implementers, further bolstering the team and ensuring exceptional service for customers.

Ashley Stifler has a proven track record of success in various sectors, including public health, education, urban planning, transportation, and technology. Her broad range of experience enables her to understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by organizations across industries. With a focus on creating and refining processes, executing cross-functional action plans, analyzing data for operational improvements, managing stakeholder relationships, and building collaborative teams, Stifler is well-equipped to drive AvSight’s implementation efforts to new heights.

“We are thrilled to have Ashley Stifler join our team as the new Director of Implementation,” said Scott Loescher, CEO of AvSight. “Her diverse background and exceptional leadership skills will be instrumental in ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for our customers. Ashley’s expertise in process optimization and stakeholder management will help us refine and enhance our implementation methodologies, ultimately delivering even greater value to our users.”

In addition to the appointment of Ashley Stifler, AvSight has expanded its implementation team with the addition of three new implementers. These highly skilled professionals will work alongside Stifler and the existing team to provide dedicated support and guidance throughout the implementation process. The increased staffing will result in faster deployment, enhanced user training, and improved responsiveness to customer needs.

“Ashley’s expertise will help us refine and enhance our implementation methodologies, ultimately delivering even greater value to our users.”

– Scott Loescher,  AvSight CEO

Furthermore, AvSight is excited to announce the transition of Frank Scales, the previous Director of Implementation. Scales will be heading a new department dedicated to Customer Success, leveraging his extensive experience to ensure existing customers maximize the value of their AvSight solutions. With a focus on cultivating strong relationships and delivering exceptional support, Scales and his team will drive customer satisfaction and long-term success.

“We are grateful to have Frank Scales take on the role of leading our Customer Success department,” added Loescher. “His deep understanding of AvSight’s products and services, coupled with his passion for customer satisfaction, will be instrumental in helping our existing customers unlock the full potential of our platform. Under Frank’s guidance, we are confident that our clients will achieve even greater operational efficiencies and profitability.”

AvSight remains committed to delivering outstanding customer experiences, from the initial implementation process to ongoing support and beyond. With the addition of Ashley Stiffler as the Director of Implementation and the expansion of the implementation team, AvSight is poised to provide seamless onboarding experiences, comprehensive training, and unparalleled support to customers worldwide.

About AvSight: AvSight is a leading provider of cloud-based aviation aftermarket ERP software. Trusted by aviation organizations worldwide, AvSight delivers comprehensive solutions that optimize operations, enhance productivity, and drive profitability. With real-time data insights, user-friendly interfaces, and a commitment to customer success, AvSight empowers organizations to streamline their processes, improve decision-making, and thrive in the dynamic aviation industry. For more information about AvSight, visit

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