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AvSight Announces its Trusted Partner Network (TPN)

  • AvSight announces a module for direct transacting between AvSight Users
  • Companies in attendance at the User Group Summit will get first access to this powerful tool

Hollywood Beach, FL –

AvSight, the leading aviation software platform, is revolutionizing aviation transactions with the unveiling of the Trusted Partner Network (TPN). Announced at their User Group Summit, this trailblazing feature promises to revolutionize transactions in the aviation industry.

The New Era of Aviation Transactions

TPN serves as a dynamic transactional network, allowing for instantaneous and frictionless exchanges between enterprises using the AvSight platform. Designed to eliminate tedious manual entries and endless back-and-forths, TPN will empower customers to transact with their trusted partners more efficiently than ever.

With this new module, customers will have full control over which partners they choose to connect with and what information they elect to share with each partner. Data will flow directly between the partner systems and will not pass through AvSight servers at any point. “As always, data privacy and security are at the core of what we do.” said AvSight, CEO, Scott Loescher.

“Our engaged customers do so much to help us make our platform better. We’ve been energized by their ideas and feedback throughout the User Group Summit”

– Hannah Myers, Director of Marketing, AvSight

Special Access for AvSight User Group Attendees

TPN is currently being rolled out for beta testing, with its broader release on the horizon. First access to TPN will be exclusively granted to companies represented at the AvSight User Group event.

“Our engaged customers do so much to help us make our platform better.” said AvSight Director of Marketing, Hannah Myers. “We’ve been energized by their ideas and feedback throughout the User Group Summit, and so giving attendees priority access to new releases is our way of showing our appreciation.”.

Expanded Functionality on the Way

Several transaction types are supported in the initial release and many more are currently in development and will be made available in future releases.

Currently Supported Transactions:

  • Stock Inquiries with Advanced Filters and Sharing Controls
  • Real Time Inventory Sharing
  • Request for Quote (RFQ’s)
  • Quotations
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders

User Group Attendees can reach out to AvSight’s Customer Success for more details on joining the TPN beta test and will be notified of the full release when it is available.

About AvSight
Established in 2018, AvSight is aviation’s most innovative complete software platform. This revolutionary cloud-based solution was designed by industry veterans specifically to meet the needs of aviation aftermarket suppliers and MRO facilities. AvSight combines inventory management, quotes, repairs, sales orders, and accounting into one seamless flexible application. For more information on AvSight, visit


Hannah Myers
Director of Marketing