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Customer Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Inscale Technologies, Inc. dba AvSight customers are eligible to receive a bonus for referring new customers to AvSight. The referral bonus is currently set at $500. Payment will be issued to the referrer after the referred customer signs a contract with AvSight for the purchase of AvSight’s services and completes implementation of AvSight’s services.

The referral bonus is available for new customer accounts only. Only one bonus will be paid per new customer account. To claim credit for a referral bonus, the referrer must have submitted the referral through the AvSight Customer Referral Form (found at and the referral submission should be the initial source of the new customer lead (i.e., not on AvSight’s list of new customer prospects and being actively solicited by AvSight). In some cases, an existing lead may be considered for a referral bonus if it has been inactive for a considerable period of time before being submitted through the AvSight Customer Referral Form. This will be considered by AvSight on a case-by-case basis.

In order to be eligible for the referral bonus, the referrer must be a current AvSight customer with an account in good standing and the referral must be deemed valid by AvSight. A valid referral is one where (i) the referred prospective new customer has consented to having its contact information being submitted by the referrer through the AvSight Customer Referral Form;  (ii) the designated contact person for the referred party is involved in the decision-making process for selecting software products and services; and (iii) the referred account is not already listed as an active sales opportunity prospect with an AvSight representative. AvSight reserves the right to make the final judgment regarding the validity of the referral based upon these and other reasonable criteria. If AvSight determines that multiple valid referrals were made for the same customer prospect in the same time frame, it may, in its discretion, choose to issue the referral bonus to one of the referrers or to split it between the referrers. AvSight reserves the right to discontinue or change this referral program at any time without notice. AvSight may also disqualify any person or company that it determines is abusing this referral program or not acting in good faith.

V1 5-12-22