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RMA and Warranty Functionality in AvSight

RMA management is a necessary part of running an MRO facility, but it can all too easily become a jumble of credit memos and items sitting in your warehouse while their disposition is being determined. AvSight includes return materials authorization (RMA) functionality designed to eliminate these frustrations.

Comprehensive Status Tracking

Find the detailed status of an RMA without digging through email chains or physical paperwork. When an RMA is generated within AvSight, it creates a tracking record that allows you to easily see if an item has been approved, denied, is awaiting review, received, completed, or cancelled. This data can be accessed with just a couple clicks of a button, so you can respond to customer questions in a timely manner.

Receipt Options

Many systems are designed to issue a full credit memo as soon as items are received into the system – not so with AvSight. We understand the importance of being able to track an item prior to determining disposition. This allows you to avoid the issue of deciding if you should drop everything to inspect an item or leave it for later, and risk it languishing forgotten in a corner of your warehouse. The ability to receive an item in this manner also opens up a variety of options beyond offering 100% credit. Partial credit, restocking fees, replacements, and returns to vendor are all simple to execute.

Portal Requests

AvSight’s self service customer portals also support our RMA functionality, allowing customers to directly submit requests for RMAs.


Warranty requests are also handled through AvSight’s RMA functionality. Simply select “warranty” as the RMA type, then you can choose to assess the part, replace it, or send it out for repair.

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