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Simplify Your Business with Cloud Computing

How can cloud computing benefit your business? What are the benefits for you business and aviation specifically?

The benefits of cloud software is not simply doing the same things you’ve done before but over the Internet. It’s all about providing new business capabilities and driving process efficiency. The following are seven key benefits of cloud business applications that can help your business run smoother and react quicker:

1. Security & data protection

Keeping up with data security and protecting your customers data has become a full-time job for most in-house IT departments or small businesses. By leveraging cloud services, companies of all sizes are able to tap into the expertise and industry best practices used by the best in the business.

2. Audit trails & compliance

The best cloud services have built-in audit trails tracking who did what and when providing the high levels of assurance audit teams are looking for. Old style methods of email conversations, paper trails and back and forth with auditors is replaced by automated timestamps, system tracked authorizations, attached files and supporting conversations all tied directly to the relevant source transactions.

3. Increased pace of innovation

Cloud application upgrades are typically rolled out multiple times per year. Because of this, as AvSight or other software providers deliver new capabilities, your business can take advantage of them quickly.  At the same time, leading cloud platforms give your team the ability to configure your own new capabilities and get them in the hands of your users in days or weeks rather than the months or years that on-premise system development requires.

4. Flexibility of scale

In the days of on-premise servers, sizing businesses was required to predict future usage and transactions. By contrast, cloud-based services are used by businesses of all sizes so you can be confident your apps will scale as your business grows or shrinks. That means you are always ready to move quickly and your systems won’t hold you back.

5. Modern business collaboration tools

Today’s workforce has grown up in connected world and take social tools, online collaboration and working in virtual teams for granted.  Unfortunately, legacy on-premise systems were designed and built when these tools didn’t exist. The leading cloud applications have social collaboration built in to the applications so your team can work together with the latest modern tools that they are accustomed to .

6. Mobility

Similarly today’s workforce expects their applications to work across all their devices whether they are in the office, in the coffee shop, on the train or at home. The leading cloud applications provide that level of access across the most popular phone, tablet and web devices giving your team the flexibility they are looking for and improving the reaction time of your business, thus enabling you to provide better customer service.

7. Reduced environmental impact

Old style on-site computing with arrays of servers with air conditioned data centers created huge utility bills. Modern cloud applications benefit from huge economies of scale in energy consumption and the leaders are moving quickly to their meet targets of using 100% renewable energy sources.

Benefits In Summary

  • No servers to maintain, upgrade or lose in a natural disaster
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • No software to buy or upgrade
  • Faster speed
  • The ability to set up global data centers
  • Real-time back-ups
  • No more worries about power outages or ransomware attacks

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