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Feature Spotlight – Multi-Company, Multi-Currency, and Multi-Language

Managing a global, multilingual, muti company enterprise has never been easier. With features that can support even the largest, most complex businesses, AvSight was designed to manage your enterprise efficiently.

While many small, single-facility companies find AvSight to be an appropriate fit for their businesses, AvSIght offers extensive capabilities to larger companies seeking to implement across multiple locations or divisions. AvSight allows customers with multiple geographically-dispersed facilities to configure individual Companies to manage the activities. AvSight can help customers who consist of multiple independent business units, each with their own financials,

Whether you have multiple legal entities, each with a different ledger currency or the need to support employees in different countries using different languages, AvSight can handle your business. With flexible security rules, you can decide if employees from one company can see data from another company, or if they work entirely separate with just a financial rollup.

For additional detail, please see below or contact us today for more information or a demo to see how AvSight can manage your business more effectively than ever.


With AvSight, there’s no need for multiple ERP systems, or logins, even if you have numerous companies or divisions. AvSight can manage different legal entities with multiple ledgers, even if those ledgers are separate currencies.

With AvSight’s Multi-Company functionality, your surplus/distribution business can logically be separated from your MRO business but still managed in the same single instance of AvSight.

This functionality allows you to manage your business as a global enterprise with a single view rather than pulling data from multiple ERP systems and trying to merge the data. For instance, see sales data across all business units in real-time. Produce financial reports that easily roll up all companies for a more efficient close.


Manage your business in multiple currencies. With AvSight, your ledger currency can be in USD, but your transactions can be in EUR or many other currencies. Exchange rates can be automatically updated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on your requirements.

Foreign vendor invoices can also be paid and managed with the same ease, no matter what currency is being exchanged. AvSight will record gains or losses based on fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates following standard accounting pronouncements.

Multiple ledgers with different base currencies are also supported in a single AvSight. This allows multi-national companies to use AvSight with ease.


AvSight’s built-in Multi-Language capabilities allow you to translate AvSight in many different languages using the same system. Each employee can then use AvSight in their language. With more than 18 languages that can be translated within the same system, all your employees, regardless of language, can work efficiently. Each employee can be assigned a different language, locale, and regional setting so that they can work in their own language.

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