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The AvSight Aircraft Maintenance Suite is Here

AvSight functionality for MRO is getting even better with the release of new functionality to support heavy MRO. AvSight version 6 includes a comprehensive suite of tools for aircraft maintenance including work packages, storage maintenance planning, publications, and support for multiple aviation agencies.

Work Packages

AvSight now supports work packages for aircraft and major components – improving workflows for heavy checks. The new work package module contains many popular features from our work order module, including the ability to build packages using templates. It also includes new functionality such as maintenance scheduling and publication management.

Mobile Compatible

An intuitive mobile interface allows techs to capture video and photo data for non-routines, clock in and out of tasks, manage tooling, access manuals, and more – using just a tablet or mobile phone.

Labor Entries

As users clock in and out of tasks, labor is recorded against those tasks, allowing for precise cost tracking.

Quality Control

The work package module includes automated checks that reduce errors and simplify the process of quality control. Fields can be set as “required” to prevent users from closing out a job that is missing needed information. Each task can be assigned skill sets, such as inspector, to ensure that the user completing that task is qualified to do so. Additionally, an audit trail is maintained for each action, making it possible to answer “who, what, and when” questions at a glance.

Storage Maintenance Planning

The new Storage Maintenance Planning module was designed to streamline storage and maintenance planning and operations. It supports both internal and customer maintenance management.


A highlight of the Storage Maintenance Planning module is a highly configurable scheduling calendar. It offers both a high level view of work scheduled at all hangars and more detailed views at an individual hangar or bay level.

Default times for each maintenance task can be configured including time required for the job, days out required for scheduling, and buffer days needed between jobs. Assignment of hangar and bay capabilities is also supported so you can make sure jobs are being scheduled for the locations best suited to the needs of the job.

The AvSight Aircraft Maintenance Suite at a Glance

Work Packages

Ready for heavy checks

Job Cards

Support for aircraft and engines as main components

Sub Work Order and backshop support

Completely mobile compatible

Built in quality control and audit trails

Skills selection

Build off of templates

Labor entries

Manual links

Storage Maintenance Planning

Comprehensive calendar tool

Supports days out and days between

Bay and hangar capability management

Storage maintenance planner

Recurring maintenance and maintenance program support

Customer and internal packages


Revision support

Integrated with Work Orders and Work Packages

Usable with Aircraft and Part Master Records

Enforcement Settings with options to ignore, warn, or disallow if no current publication exists

Support for temporary revisions

Expiration dates

Validation control

Manual reference points

Maintenance Planning

Purpose built planning tools allow you to schedule recurring maintenance tasks for an aircraft or enroll it in a recurring maintenance program. Maintenance planning for stored aircraft is also supported.


The new Publications module makes it easy to be sure that you’re always using the latest publication. In addition to storing current publication info, AvSight stores a version history so that you can easily reference which version was in use when a particular job was completed. Temporary publications and expiration dates are also supported.

A flexible notification system is in place that can warn employees if a current publication is not linked or even prevent them from starting a work package that does not have a current publication associated with it. All permissions can be configured for your unique business needs.

Support for Multiple Aviation Agencies

For companies with an international presence, manuals for multiple aviation authorities can be linked to a single work package.

Ready to put these new features to work? Current customers can contact AvSight support to learn more. If you’re not using AvSight yet, schedule a complimentary demo to see how we can help you work smarter.

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