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Exploring the Robust Features of the Denali 3 (D3) Update

The Denali 3 (D3) update marks a significant evolution in AvSight’s aviation aftermarket software, introducing a suite of enhanced functionalities designed to streamline operations, optimize performance, and increase user satisfaction across various segments of the industry. This article explores the key features of the D3 update, showcasing how each component contributes to a more efficient and effective workflow.

Enhanced Work Order Scheduling, Production Control, and Planning

The D3 update revolutionizes work order management by integrating enhanced functionality in Work Centers, Tollgates, and Working Day Configuration. This allows users to efficiently plan and assign work, manage production seamlessly, and analyze progress with precision. Key enhancements include:

Improved Scheduling Tools: Enhanced configuration options empower managers to optimize work center capacities and performance.

Advanced Reporting and Dashboarding: With real-time insights, managers can quickly identify exceptions and adjust operations to meet delivery timelines and commercial obligations.

Streamlined Workflows: Automated tools within AvSight ensure that every phase of production is monitored, from assignment to completion, fostering a proactive management environment.

Labor Cost Allocation

The D3 update introduces more flexible configuration options for labor cost allocation, allowing users to:

Allocate Costs Accurately: Users can now distribute labor costs across multiple jobs simultaneously, ensuring accurate and fair cost distribution.

Enhance Financial Reporting: More precise labor cost allocation aids in better financial reporting and profitability analysis.

Aircraft Storage and Engine Preservation

Aircraft storage and engine preservation features have been significantly enhanced to support both long-term and short-term storage plans. These improvements integrate seamlessly with AvSight’s existing modules, providing:

Comprehensive Storage Plans: From induction to return to service, every aspect of aircraft storage and preservation is meticulously managed.

Full Integration: This feature works in harmony with Production, Inventory, Procurement, Reporting, and Billing functionalities, offering a unified approach to aircraft maintenance and storage.

AC Storage

Multi-Currency Leasing

Expanding on AvSight’s multi-currency capabilities, the D3 update brings flexible and comprehensive options to leasing transactions:

Versatile Billing Options: Leases can now be billed in various currencies, accommodating different contractual conditions based on flat rates, usage, caps, and/or minimums.

Enhanced Contractual Flexibility: This feature allows for tailored financial arrangements that meet diverse client needs and global financial practices.

Multi currency leasing

Enhanced Inventory & Cycle Count Functionality

cycle counting

Continuing AvSight’s commitment to product improvement, the D3 update enhances inventory and cycle count functionalities to bring increased accuracy and efficiency:

New Recount Process: Allows issuing a re-count by printing a count sheet of the inventory in question. It also lets you remove the prior count if the job was done wrong, or validate the prior count to double-check the work.

Advanced Filtering and Selection Criteria:  This feature allows you to make a note of the new cycle count due dates and how the selection criteria lets you now filter by inventory or locations that are due a count in the near future.

The Denali 3 update from AvSight represents a significant leap in aviation aftermarket software, offering unmatched functionality and integration to help businesses optimize their operations and meet the challenges of today’s dynamic market. With its comprehensive enhancements, the D3 update is set to redefine industry standards and empower users with the tools they need to succeed. Don’t just take our word for it, find out for yourself! Take a look at our Self-guided demo or schedule a live demo to find out why AvSight is the right tech partner for your company.

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